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Just a brief "Get to know Me"


Here's a little history about myself

I'd like to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. So without further ado; here we go. 

  My name is Heleana Grace Bruski and I am a missionary in Romania. I moved here alongside my family about 11 years ago and I still love it to this day, although it does have it's challenges.

 We live in a little village about 20 minutes away from our nearest city. We work with the impoverished, the uneducated, the widowed, the children, and the adults of Roma and Romanian ethnicity. 


   I am 18 years old, a senior in high school and future student of the Internation Medical School of Oradea. I am an after school teacher to 20  adorable kindergarten students, a lover of music and musical composition. I volunteer in nearby orphanages and refuge centers. I live in Romania with my family and God has blessed me with a wonderful boyfriend as well.  I am a beloved child of God, and I want to live that boldly by following any calling The Lord gives me.

Hi, I'm Jane Doe

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“Ever since I can remember, my family and I have been working with beautiful souls, known as orphans.  I never truly understood what an orphans was until I was 14 years old.


     In my fourteenth year of life, I began volunteering in a refuge center for children. Now you must understand, in this refuge center, you have the chance of being adopted. The problem is, you don't have an unlimited time frame to stay in this shelter. Rather, you have 6 months to be adopted. If you aren't adopted within 6 months, then you are out of luck and put into an orphanage where abuse is rampant. 

   After working many months in this center, I met a beautiful girl, full of life, only 7 years old. She was so great, that I was certain she would be adpoted. But little did I know, how terribly wrong I was. 

  As I watched this precious girl go to the orphange, into such a dark place, I also witnessed just how much she would change. My heart shattered as she told me some of the many things that happened to her. I didn't just watch her go into an orphanage, I watched as her innoncent attitude was exchanged for the attitude of a survivor. She was no longer the little, bright girl I once knew. Because of the older boys, she was forced to become a big girl at such a young age. 









                This is a photo from

          the day that she was placed in 

                    the orphange





     These things infuriated me! I found myself weeping multiple, sleepless nights, wondering "How could a loving God do such terrible things?" or even if He didn't do them, "How could he allow them to happen?" "Why would He let such a blessing to the world, have her innocence stolen from her, at the young age of 7?"  

  In one of those nights where I was trying to correct God, He so graciously dealt with me and told me something that would change my life forever; 

     "Instead of asking Me 'Why do these things happen?' & "Where are You now?", you should instead ask Me "What can I do to help?" & "Where are God's people to do what is right?" 


   So this was God's answer to my questions. No more asking 'why', but DO something to change the world. I was 14. What all could I do? I began to pray and God gave me yet another answer. 

  The next morning, I told my mother that I wanted to build a group home, so I would never see another child go into the orphanage, EVER again. She supported me through all of this, and the following winter, we went to America to begin fund-raising. God opened up His people's hearts, and they began to support.  Construction on this house would begin only once I raised 20,000 dollars. 


 Being SO incredibly blessed, construction began that spring!  God provided and the house was coming along. It's still under construction, but that's another story.


   So this is the "behind the scenes" of why I wanted to begin a group home. For more information about the home, go to the next page. 

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Future Plans

Ideally, I would love to continue building group homes! Hopefully, this will be the first of very very many homes. We'll see where God takes this.

I start medical school in the fall, I'll continue to work in the Operation Education program, I'll also work in the home when it is completed, and I'll continue to follow God whever he chooses to lead.

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