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this is the part where you choose to get involved!

There are so many ways to get involed; Spreading the word about the house, praying for the house and it's future children, & supporting financially.      


                                 Monthly support

    How exciting that we finally have enough to finish construction on the house! As we have sat and calculated about how much it would cost monthly to run the house, we have come up with the number 5,000. That will cover food, bills, employee salaries, transportation and much more! If you would like to get involved in monthly support, click on the donate button below and it will take you to a page where you can see all of the support options! 

     Please pray with me that we can raise all of the funds needed to get this house up and running! We're in the last couple stages of being completely finished and I believe that we can accomplish another big dream! Click on the button below to give a one time donation and be a part of changing someone's life forever!

                  GIVE ME FIVE

A couple years back, I figured out that if 333 people gave only 5 dollars a month for one year, it would add up to 20,000. If we all come together, we could make the difference in someone's life

 . A little ends up being a lot. We know our God can take a small amount of something and multiply it extravagantly. We saw that first hand with the fish and the loaves! Click on the button below to get involved!  

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